52 Places to Go in 2019 – The New York Times

Huntsville, AL is ranked #22 on the list! The 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing will draw crowds to Huntsville — a.k.a. Rocket City — home of the Marshall Space Flight Center, where the spacecraft that launched astronauts to the moon were developed. Throughout the year, there will be daily re-enactments of the moon […]

NAI Chase Commercial Ranks #10

2019 Business Alabama Top Rank puts NAI Chase Commercial at #10 of the biggest and best in Alabama Business. In other words, WE ROCK!


Why CRE Professionals Must Embrace Tech CREtech Blog 9/26/18 “Business as usual” does not exist in the commercial real estate industry. The modern world demands mobility, instant information, and better customer service. Commercial real estate professionals can’t meet these challenges in the “old way” of conducting business. Embracing technology solutions delivers clear benefits, like: 1) […]

Remembering Jim…

James Stephen Michaud January 02, 1942 – October 11, 2017                     Jim Michaud was a native of Hodge, LA and a resident of Madison for over 49 years. He was a veteran of the US Navy during the Vietnam War and was with NAI Chase Commercial […]


by Sarah Malcolm: Can You Own A Hashtag? “Owned” hashtags boost engagement and brand your business when used effectively. At The Content Funnel, we have several “owned” hashtags used to promote campaigns and events, like the #REMAS or our #SummerRefresh promotion. What exactly does “owning” a hashtag mean? Can anyone purchase a hashtag for their promotions? Let’s take a […]

Why Huntsville?

Why Huntsville? This video says it all – the secret is getting out!

CRE Trends We Can Attribute to Millennials

4 CRE Trends We Can Attribute to Millennials Today’s workforce is undergoing a major shift in population. As of 2017, 56 million Millennials are either working or actively searching for work, making them the largest segment of the U.S. labor force, surpassing Gen Xers in 2016. More than one out of every three American workers […]

Why Do People Invest in Real Estate?

Real estate investments have long been favored because, unlike many other investment assets, they are more than a simple piece of paper. One can touch and see the asset. Many practitioners just getting into the business do not fully grasp the concept of investing in real estate. Simply put, real estate is an investment vehicle, […]

Successful Property Management

Ask a teacher, “What is a successful teacher?” and the answer is likely to be, “One whose students learn.” Ask a property manager, “What is a successful property manager?” and the answer is likely to be, “One whose tenants are happy.” Though this answer is true, the path to having happy tenants is much more […]