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Why Huntsville?

October 2, 2018

Why Huntsville? This video says it all - the secret is getting out!

CRE Trends We Can Attribute to Millennials

May 17, 2018

4 CRE Trends We Can Attribute to Millennials Today’s workforce is undergoing a major shift in population. As of 2017,…

Why Do People Invest in Real Estate?

August 22, 2016

Real estate investments have long been favored because, unlike many other investment assets, they are more than a simple piece…


Successful Property Management

August 11, 2016

Ask a teacher, “What is a successful teacher?” and the answer is likely to be, “One whose students learn.” Ask…

A Laptop Computer Sitting On Top Of A Wooden Table

LinkedIn and Your CRE Career

July 7, 2016

In general, the CRE industry is slow to pick up on social trends. That doesn’t mean you have to fall…

Bargain Sales: A Creative Approach for Sellers

June 30, 2016

Actually, bargain sales don't mean you're losing money. Trying to sell your commercial property without results? Many times, a traditional…

A Blackboard Sign On A Wall

Should I Own or Lease My Office Space?

June 29, 2016

Think carefully before you answer this vital question. As I continue to tread a path in my commercial real estate…

A Person In A Suit And Tie

What Does it Mean to be a Full-Service Commercial Real Estate Firm?

June 29, 2016

Many companies claim to be full-service commercial real estate firms – but what exactly does that entail? Full-Service Firm vs.…




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